Wing Chun Network

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The Wing Chun Network. Is a new awesome social networks for Wing Chun people. Joining is free and you get forums and blogs and picture uploads! Check it out


Train Effectively – Get out of the comfort zone

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by  Dan Knight

Ever felt your training has reached a plateau?  Maybe you are not sure what your learning is useful or effective? Or maybe you are in a class of mixed abilities and cannot find an excessive that helps everyone get the most out of the session? If so its time to do some real effective training by getting out of your comfort zone and getting hit. It’s easier and less painful than it sounds!

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new November newsletter out

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see for more info about the monthly newsletter!

Putney Class London

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New Putney class now open in London on Sundays in the sports centre at 7-8:20.

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Wing Chun Huen Ma

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The foot work of the 3rd form is called Huen ma or circle stepping lern about it on Ip Man Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Stance

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A new article on the Wing Chun stance is in the training tips on the Sam Kwok Association site!

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Ip Man Wing Chun – New DVD Store Open

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Official Ip Man Wing Chun merchandise includes Wing Chun DVDs, Books, Tee shirts and other great Wing Chun products.

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